Up in the clouds, in the middle of stars, new moon nights, sunrises.
You are everywhere.
Dust that I breathe, my hair dancing with the wind, trees trying to reach heaven.
YOU are everywhere.

Thinking, eating, being.
Everywhere, anywhere… You.
Swimming, fucking, staring.
You: Water, You: Orgasm, You: View.

The Universe we try to study,
resulting in science we pretend to understand.
It’s any religion we look up to…
You: The Planets. You: The Experiments. You: Truth.

Our bodies, caskets made of tiny bodies, too.
Our brains, gathering of higher brains inside of You.
You: the Atoms. You: the Galaxies. You: Timeless.

A murderer, a Saint, a lady and his medieval knight.
A deer, a weeping willow, fog in the middle of the night!
You, Yourself and Everything Else.
Everywhere. Anywhere. You.

A can of Pepsi Cola, every politician you despise.
A poor man begging for money, the drug he craves.
The cure for a mortal sickness, virus itself.
Everything. Anything. You

The road not taken, the minds who invented;
sounds, words, smells, feelings: You.
Crying babies, lost hopes, tears that fall in pieces of paper.
Ink that comes out of this red pen; color red, green, blue.
It is You, you, You



About Kathya Rosas

There's a hunger under my skin, gripping at my bones. I push my limbs forward like a tree does in a storm.
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